Extreme Lengths

Micro fine bonding hair extensions are as small as a grain of rice, suitable for all types of hair especially fine hair and are the most professional looking.


This type of extension last for 3 to 4 months or even longer. This type of extension is favoured by celebrities. The glue used on the bonds is keratin based and will not damage your hair. 250-350 strands are evenly applied to give you a natural look.

The Link System

Suitable for sporty people, or if your hair gets greasy easily.

The Link System is very versatile, it can be used as a styling accessory. Application is simple and does not use glue.
Utilising tiny colour matching tubular links and unique crafted clamps. The Link is first threaded over the natural hair and extension and is then closed using the clamp, creating a lasting flat bond leaving no damage to the natural hair. This type extension will last 3 months or even longer. Suitable for sporty people or if your hair gets greasy easily.

The American System

Hair will be made into bonds, suitable for crazy colours or highlight effects.